Sometimes, there’s a conflict of interest you can’t waive or a case that requires more bandwidth than you can provide. Other times, it’s a case outside your practice area for a client you’ve worked with before-that relationship is important, and you can’t refer just anybody.

At Armstrong Law we built our practice on co-counsel relationships with other firms that have placed their trust in us year after year. We have been hired by hundreds of other skilled, dedicated lawyers to try their lawsuits for them or increase the settlement value of a case.

We routinely work with outside lawyers who need our assistance with a case or client for one reason or another. Whether it’s a straightforward referral or a potential joint venture, we’re proud to have earned the respect of our peers across not only Texas, but the United States, who think of us when such a situation arises.

If you are looking for assistance on a case, we can provide:


The resources necessary to win


Relationships with top experts in numerous fields


Aggressive and strategic approach to every case


Skilled, record-setting trial lawyers

If you are an attorney who does not handle personal injury matters or only handles personal injury cases at the pre-litigation stage, your client deserves the experience and expertise we can offer. If you are a solo practitioner handling a very large personal injury case or group of cases, but you are concerned that you don’t have the resources to try the case or fight the defendants to a fair settlement, you may want to consider referring the case to us. Warren M. Armstrong has handled personal injury litigation exclusively for plaintiffs his entire career and has the know-how necessary to zealously represent your client from start to finish.

Or, perhaps a relative, friend, or former client has approached you with a personal injury matter because they know you are in the legal profession. You may never have handled a personal injury case before, but you want to make sure that this individual receives quality legal representation that will yield the very best results. If any of these situations arises, STAY STRONG! Call Armstrong Law.

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