Construction Accidents

Working at a construction site is one of the most dangerous jobs in America. Construction accidents injure or kill thousands of workers every year. In fact, construction workers account for one in five workplace fatalities in the United States. Injuries and death on construction sites occur when the safety engineers and safety programs that construction companies are obligated to enact are either negligent or simply absent. No matter what the cause or nature of the construction injury, the worker is entitled to some kind of compensation. Warren M. Armstrong diligently pursues these claims to ensure injured workers are awarded money for any and all damage suffered.

Third Party Liability in Construction Accidents

When a construction worker is injured on the job, he or she cannot, in most instances, sue the employer for work-related injuries. A third party, however, could be liable for negligence when a construction injury occurs on the job site. Even if the worker is injured due to his or her own carelessness, compensation is available in most states through the Workers Compensation Act.

Benefits such as weekly payments and medical expenses are awarded to injured workers. But, too often, these are simply not enough to cover the pain and suffering associated with an on-the-job construction injury. Weekly payments are based on a percentage of the worker’s weekly earnings and on the severity of the disability, whether it is a temporary total disability or a permanent partial disability. Also, medical expenses cover only those treatments deemed necessary and related to the specific work injury.

Certain circumstances assign liability to a third party for job-site construction injuries. The owners, architects, contractors, and equipment manufacturers can all be held liable for accidents arising from insufficient safety measures. General contractors, as well as all subcontractors, are responsible for providing appropriate safety provisions that ensure a construction site is reasonably safe. They are obligated to:


Warn of possible hazards on the site


Hire employees who will use caution while working


Comply with workplace OSHA safety regulations


Coordinate job safety


Check that all safety specifications are followed


Ensure power equipment is safe

Manufacturers of construction equipment are responsible for designing and maintaining safe products. Defective or dangerous products may be at fault in a construction accident. As with any of the equipment used on a construction site, the chance for personal injury is great. However, if the proper safety measures are not employed in production of this equipment, the possibility of injury or death increases greatly. Manufacturers of this equipment can be found liable when an accident occurs due to one of their products.

If you or someone you know has been seriously injured or killed in a construction site accident, STAY STRONG! Call Armstrong Law.

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