Our Firm

Armstrong Law, PLLC is a highly rated nationwide personal injury law firm based in Dallas, Texas. Founded by veteran trial lawyer, Warren M. Armstrong, the firm is 100% dedicated to assisting people with injuries resulting from car accidents, motorcycle accidents, 18 wheeler truck accidents, work accidents, construction accidents, wrongful death, premises liability, product defects, and more. Even though we are a small firm, you will find that we offer all of the following:

  • Financial resources to fight large insurance companies and corporations. Lawsuits are expensive. The costs for investigators, consultants, and expert witnesses can rise quickly.  We have the monetary resources to take on these battles and win.
  • Intellect and experience to see opportunities that others miss. Some lawyers may advise a client to settle a case for a small amount while missing the opportunity for a larger settlement opportunity with a different defendant or pursuing a different claim. This scenario happens quite frequently because of inexperienced lawyers.  We have the expertise to know the true value of your case and how to maximize your recovery.
  • Practical resources to move your case forward. Your lawyer is the link between you and your insurance company, the defendant, and the defendants’ lawyer. To be effective, that lawyer has to listen to you, understand you and your personal injury case, and then communicate effectively with the other side.  Some cases are a war; others are negotiations.  Our law firm has enough experience and reason to recognize the difference.
  • Human Resources to Allow You to Win. While the trial lawyer is the most visible part of a litigation effort, success depends on a concerted team effort. This includes persons within the law group such as legal assistants and paralegals.  But it also includes external resources such as investigators, medical consultants, engineers, and crash reconstructionists. At trial, the skills of graphic artists, computer animation specialists, and trial consultants are often needed. Our law firm has the resources to assemble the right team for your case.

Our team works together to ensure our clients get the highest standard of care and representation, from the beginning of their case and far after as well. At Armstrong Law, we know that consistent, aggressive, diligent work pays off, and we are proud to say that our results speak for themselves.


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